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COVID-19 Vaccination Card Replacement

Taxonomy Code: LT-3400.1590

The official document for verifying receipt of a COVID-19 immunization in the U.S. is a small, white vaccination record card issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which people receive after their first shot. The vaccination cards serve as a personal immunization record of which vaccine they received, its lot number, the date and the vaccination site as well as a reminder, if applicable, of when their next dose is due. The card is updated with details about the second shot after it is provided. It is recommended that people take a photo of the card and keep it in a safe place and are warned not to post the photo on social media due to the personal information that it contains. It is also recommended that people who lose their card first go back to the immunization site and ask for a replacement and, if they have received their second shot at a different location, return there to ask for a replacement card. All vaccinations are recorded in an individual's electronic medical record that is linked to the state's vaccination registry so a backup copy is always available through the individual's state health department.

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