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Psychosocial Therapy

Taxonomy Code: RD-3000.6750

Programs that specialize in providing therapeutic interventions that are based on the premise that there is a basic interrelationship and interdependence between intrapsychic conflicts and the social environment in which they occur. The task of the therapist is to view the client in the context of his or her social environment and to assist the client to examine and deal with his or her intrapsychic conflicts and the impinging environmental factors as they take priority in the course of treatment. The therapist assists the client to gain insight into his or her conflicts and to manipulate the environmental factors that may be contributing to the problem. The vehicle for treatment is a therapeutic personal relationship in which the client's trust in the therapist, the therapist's observations and feelings about the client, and the interaction between the client and therapist lead to a mutual understanding of the nature of the problem and the appropriate methods to use for resolution.

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